Terms & Conditions

It is important that you read the Promocodeshops.com Terms and Conditions. All visitors and members are obliged to read them.

Terms of Use

Before you register with us, Diesparen would like to make sure that the last user who registers with us is obliged to comply with all the terms and conditions stated in this document. In any other case, Promocodeshops.com is not responsible for any action taken against you. Passing on the use of the website to third parties is strictly prohibited. Therefore, the end user is responsible for securing passwords and other confidential information related to Promocodeshops.com.

Terms of Use

The entire document refers WE and Us to this saving, while You refers to the people who end up on this website. Make sure you have read the entire document, including the terms and conditions and privacy policy, so you can continue saving. Otherwise, this saving is not responsible for actions taken in accordance with the prohibited actions you have undertaken. Throughout this document, people are strictly committed to fulfilling commitments that look forward to maintaining a relationship.

Rules of conduct for users

Users over the age of 13 may use this website under the supervision of a legal guardian or a parent who agrees to the terms and conditions set out by Promocodeshops.com. The person who registers with us should be at least 18 years old, otherwise they may not be bound by a contract with us. No one can advertise or market anything without the written permission of Promocodeshops.com. com reserves the right to block / terminate the accounts of all end users who violate or do not meet the conditions set out in this document. Service quality and continuity

Quality assurance in relation to Promocodeshops.com and other related is guaranteed.

Promocodeshops.com is not liable for data loss because we are not responsible for it.

Prohibited products / services

1 Real estate investment offerings / services, psychological games or readings, services or products related to gambling.

2 Adult membership or subscription / chat services. Lottery games, sweepstakes, competitions and similar products / services.

3 Erotic items, alcohol, alcoholic beverages and similar products are strictly prohibited.

4 Strictly forbidden Unauthorized or inauthentic drugs and drugs / devices.